Crafty Feast Sweater

crafty feast sweater rhett talbert

Last year, when Debi (of Flock and Rally) asked me if I would be interested in knitting a sweater with the Crafty Feast logo on it I was more than excited to take on the project. This was a fun project (at times). This was also a project of firsts: measuring, calculations, making a swatch, freaking out…more on that later. When it comes to knitting, I like to wing it and just make it up along the way. Since this was going to be used to advertise and promote a big event, I had to discipline my knitting (just a bit). I  choose a raglan style for the sweater. I took Debi’s measurements, made a swatch, calculated how many stitches I needed to cast on, how many rows to knit before I started to decrease for the armhole…you know, boring stuff.

My first plan was to knit the words into the sweater as I went using the intarsia method. I uploaded the Crafty Feast logo onto a website that puts images on a knitting graph (this is when the swatch came in handy).


craft feast knittng graph

The image was blurry but that was fine. I just needed to be able to count rows.

The intarsia method wasn’t as difficult as I thought (another reason to not be scared to try something new). I was knitting along and things were going great. I finished the word “FEAST” and did a little fist pump victory. Amateur move. I celebrated too early. The word “CRAFTY” didn’t come out too well. I tried to do some cutting (on the wrong side of the sweater) to help adjust the words a bit and it helped but unless you knew the phrase in advance, you couldn’t really make it out too well. I wish I had a picture to show but I accidentally deleted it. 

Panic Mode started to kick in. My next attempt was to embroider the words onto the sweater. That was a no go. The knit of the sweater was too loose and the embroidery was getting swallowed up between stitches.

Sweaty Panic Mode kicked in. I needed another idea.

Times like this I am so happy I learned to crochet as well (People make fun of me for being interested in so many different crafts but who’s laughing now? HA!). I decided to crochet the letters and then sew them onto the sweater. Was it my original plan? No. Was I worried they wouldn’t like it? Yes. Did I have any other options? Well, I could have said I am not going to be able to complete the sweater because it’s not working out the way I planned (I almost sent that text) but that would be a let down. Mainly to myself.

As I was making and arranging the letters, I kept texting Jordan and asking her “Can you read the word CRAFTY clearly?!?!” in which she responded, “Yes!! *heart eyes emojis*

crafty feast sweater wip

Once the sweater was assembled I headed over to Debi’s. The moment of truth. You know when they say “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” Well, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” She and the Flock and Rally crew loved it!

crafty feast sweaer complete

Now it was time to ship it out for it to be photographed.

As I was browsing Facebook the other day, I came across the event for Crafty Feast and there was my sweater:

crafty feast sweater ad

Photo Credit: Rhett Talbert



First thought that came to my mind? “Holy expletives expletives!” I couldn’t believe how great it looked!

crafty feast sweater rhett talbert

Photo Credit: Rhett Talbert

   Photo Credit: Rhett Talbert

To see the sweater in person, come to Crafty Feast on December 13th. The admission is $3 and children 10 and under are free. I will be there as Sebastian Harper and bringing my good buddy Chris of Hippy Do Da Creations along with me. Fun will be had. Perhaps I will make some more sweaters with phrases on them. Taking suggestions. Keep it clean.



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October Crochet

Crochet letters made using the tutorial from Handy Kitty.

October has always been my favorite  month. Mainly because it’s the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween. I’ve always loved everything horror and scary so I look forward to going to a haunted house (or two), countless viewings of Halloween, Hocus Pocus, and anything crazy Syfy decides to show. Now that I have little ones it is fun to go to a pumpkin patch and do kid-centric activities. Honestly, it’s more for their liking. I couldn’t care less about getting the “perfect pumpkin.” I just go for the photo ops. And I am NOT getting into a maze – I’ve learned a thing or two from horror movies. But, I do enjoy carving a pumpkin, decorating cookies, crafts, etc. This month also brings us closer to “falling back.” I am such a vampire recluse so the darkness works with me. Too much sun makes me feel like I have to be outside doing something when I rather be at home knitting and sewing.


Speaking of knitting and sewing, I have a few projects I am working on. I spent this week cutting out the patterns and fabric  (least favorite part) so I will be sharing my creations and WIPs (works in progress) in the upcoming weeks.

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Let’s Go Fishing Hat

It has  been raining and gloomy here the past few days (best weather for crafting!) so I decided to make some bucket hats for the boys. I used the pattern from the book Sewing for Boys. As far as I know, this is the ONLY book dedicated just towards boys. Usually other  sewing books (for children) will have a pattern or two in there for boys but most of them cater towards girls (womp! womp!). This was a quick and easy project. Especially since the stitches are suppose to be exposed. And I love the look of exposed stitches. When done intentionally. 😉

I probably could’ve have spent more time  lining up the seams but they’re boys and don’t care. Besides, I have more important projects to work on. Like mine.





For my 3 year old (below), I used the size 6/7 patterns. For my 6 year old (above) I altered the pattern by adding an inch. Not saying the pattern doesn’t run true to size. My boys do have large heads (and lots of curly hair)!



DSC02222 DSC02224


DSC02239 DSC02257 DSC02260 (2) DSC02263 DSC02274 DSC02195 DSC02212

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I’m a Pinkador…Again!

pinkador crochet

Once again, I have taken on the role as a Pinkador and  I am helping out Palmetto Health Foundation to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer and research.

The main event is the Walk for Life/Race being held on October 17th. It’s not too late to register and get a team together. Here is the information to register (as well as a sneak peek of the t-shirts!):

Walk for Life Race image

If you are unable to make it to the race, below are events happening throughout the Midlands.

Pink Pageant

Date/Time: Sunday, Sept. 27, 2:30 p.m.

Location: Lexington Middle School, 702 N. Lake Dr.

Description: Teresa Brooks and her team are hosting their third annual beauty pageant to raise money for Walk for Life/Race for Life. The deadline to enter the pageant is Monday, Sept. 21. Contact Teresa at or at 803-409-8987 for an application. Tickets to attend the pageant are $5. Children four and under are free.


Paint the Platter Pink at The Mad Platter

Date/Time: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 5 to 9 p.m.

Location: The Mad Platter, 3101 Millwood Ave.

Description: Join us at The Mad Platter for a night of fun with painting, food, and door prizes. The cost is $15 per person. Bring your own beverages/wine! To attend, contact The Mad Platter at 803-771-8080. Reservations are required, and they started taking them today!


Nothing But Net: Richland One & Two Charity Basketball Game

Date/Time: Thursday, Oct. 8, 6 p.m.

Location: Keenan High School Gym, 361 Pisgah Church Rd.

Description: Richland One and Richland Two are having their second annual Nothing But Net charity basketball game with proceeds benefitting Walk for Life/Race for Life. In addition to the game there will be prizes, a free-throw contest, concessions and other entertainment. Tickets will be $5 for everyone age six and up, and are available at the Richland One and Richland Two District Offices. For more information, contact Dr. Traci Young Cooper at 231-6842 or at


Aerobics – Cardio for the Cure

Date/Time: Saturday, Oct. 3, 9-10 a.m.

Location: Saxe Gotha Church, 5503 Sunset Blvd.

Description: Vicki Beatty, a breast cancer survivor and longtime Walk for Life/Race for Life warm-up leader, is a high energy instructor who keeps aerobics fun! You can attend for a $5 donation (or more if you want) and proceeds will benefit Walk for Life/Race for Life. Please contact Vicki Beatty at 803-260-5817 for more information, or call Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church at 803-359-7770.





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Crochet Washcloths

I’ve been working on stash busting my yarn so I decided to make some washcloths with my cotton yarn.

crochet washcloth 2

I wanted to try out a new (to me) stitch: the shell stitch.

shell stitch crochet

I used a pattern from a book I own.  

good housekeeping book of illustrated crafts

This book was such a great find. Only $2 at the thrift store!


For the other two, I chained 40 and used a  Half Double Crochet (HDC)  and went through the front loop only (FL). I continued with that pattern until the washcloths were about 10 inches long.

crochet washcloth 4

crochet washcloths

For all three I used an I Hook (5.50mm). If I did the shell stitch again (for making washcloths) I would use a smaller hook. The pattern stretched too much once the water hit it.


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