Feta Makes it Betta’!

For the past three weeks, morning, noon, and night, I have been obsessively eating watermelon. For dinner the other day I made myself a Watermelon and Feta Salad. With a side of guacamole because, guacamole.





Crumbled Feta Cheese



It’s pretty straightforward. Since my watermelon is already pre-cut I usually do two scoops of watermelon chunks. About 10-15 chunks, depending on how large or small you cut your watermelon. Before I add the basil and mint, I like […]

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Ombre Dip Dye

My friend had scored a great dress at an estate sale. Unfortunately, the dress had random stain spots that wouldn’t budge. She had asked my to dye the bottom portion of it. I dip dyed it with madder root. First, I prepared the dress by using vinegar as a mordant.  You mordant your fabric to help the dye stick. Different mordants can be used for different fibers. That is a whole other post.  I didn’t […]

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Baked Salmon with Mango and Avocado Salsa

Sometimes I go overboard and buy more fruit and veggies than the household can handle. A few mangoes were getting pretty ripe and I can only make so many smoothies. I baked some salmon, lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper and topped it with a Mango and Avocado Salsa: avocado, mango, tomatoes, olive oil, chopped garlic, and cilantro. Served it over a bed of quinoa with roasted corn on the side.


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Shop Sebastian Harper is Live!

Long time no blog! I was in the process of moving my site over from blogger to WordPress. Actually, Ebony of Make Me Over Eb was in the process of moving my site over. Thank you!


On to other things, My site is live!

I am still adding things (and will continuosly) so for now there are only a few things. If you are local, you can catch me at Soda City this month on the 6th and […]

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My Takeaway From Cotton Road

Sunday Night I headed to the Nickelodeon  to see Cotton Road. I was really interested in seeing this as I try to continue to practice ethical fashion. I won’t go too much into detail about the movie (Because you need to see it for yourself!) but I will talk about what stuck out the most to me. In past conversations I have heard people get upset about items being made in China (or other countries). This […]

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Jersey Yarn

Last week was all about food but I have still been making. Right now I’m turning this:

Into this:

To make this:

I wasn’t happy with how the second one was looking so I’ve been (sadly) doing a lot of this as well:

More to come. 

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Breakfast Pepper Cups

I have been on a frittata kick and wanted to switch up how I made my eggs. I do love baking my eggs in avocados but unfortunately there is not enough space to stuff in all the ingredients I like to add. So I found some extra large bell peppers and made some Pepper Cups (makes four):

In my mix:

2 large bell peppers


4 Eggs (I used four)

1/2 large tomato chopped

Handful of spinach roughly chopped

Handful of kale […]

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