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Recently Made Things for Sebastian Harper

turmeric dyed vest with fringe

Fringe vest dyed with Madder Root and Turmeric

yellow tank

Fringe Tank dyed with Turmeric

acorn logwood dyed vest with fringe

Fringe vest dyed with acorns and black walnuts

cabbage dyed tank

Basic tank dyed with purple cabbage.

cabbage dyed tee

Basic Tee dyed with purple cabbage

cabbage dyed vest

Fringe vest dyed with purple cabbage and madder root

logwood acorn dyed closed vest

Vest dyed with black walnuts and acorns

tank dyed with wildflowers

Tank dyed with with wildflowers.

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Number Applique Shirt

My son just turned seven ( I still can’t believe I have a 7yo) so I wanted to make a fun shirt for him to wear to school. This is a very easy project; it took me less than 20 minutes to complete.

Materials Needed:

  • Shirt
  • 1/4 Fabric (Most likely won’t use it all. Depends on the size of the number you make)
  • Fabric Marker or Pencil (I actually used a crayon. It was conveniently close).
  1. Draw the number on the RIGHT SIDE of the Fabric. You can make a template and trace the number onto the shirt. I wasn’t worried about making it perfect (or making the project longer than necessary) so I just free handed it. 
  2. Now, you can pin the number onto the shirt but I like to use a little shortcut:number appliqe glue stick

The glue stick is one of my necessities when I’m sewing. Sometimes it does a better job of keeping the fabric in place than pins.

number applique placement

3. Once the number is in place, it’s time to start sewing. I used the zigzag stitch.

number applique zigzag stitch


4.Clip off any frays and extra thread. Ta-da! You’re finished!

number applique finished


The Birthday Boy was excited to wear his new shirt!

number applique final look

His jack-o-lantern smile is the cutest!

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Knitted: Tigris Inspired Cowl

In Mockingjay Part Two there is a scene where Tigris is helping Katniss and crew and she (Tigris) is wearing a knitted cowl.



I remember leaning over to my sister saying “I could make that.”

I can’t remember what happened in that scene because I started to check out the stitches and count rows.


I’m not sure what type of yarn was used to make the cowl (in the movie) but I had a lot of cotton and yarn left over so I decided to use that (instead of buying more yarn).

I used sized 17 needles and to get the thickness of the cowl I knitted with four strands of yarn together. I’m sure you could just get thicker yarn (such as bulky or super bulky) but again, I wanted to use what I already had.

I wasn’t sure how the cowl was constructed so I did what I thought was best.

I casted on 74 stitches and knitted in a 2×2 rib stitch (knit 2, purl 2). I made three mini cowls that had about 10 rows.

tigris cowl process 2

I sewed all three rows together then added the tassels.

tigril cowl process

Next was the dye bath. I still had an acorn/black walnut mix. I kept the cowl in there for a few weeks. Not intentionally, I just got busy.

Finally, I was able to get a photo of myself wearing it. Keep in mind this cowl is inspired by what I saw in Mockingjay. I am not trying to do a replica (not my style).


I had asked my photographer friend Forrest to take a quick picture with my iPhone. I told him “I’m not a fashion blogger. I just need a quick photo. Not trying to do a shoot. And don’t tell me to smile. I am smiling.”

tigris inspired cowl tigril inspired cowl 2

As you can see the fibers took the colors differently. The wool (which is mainly the fringe) dyed a grayish close to black color. The cotton dyed more of a purple/grayish color.


I’m definitely going to make another one. Not sure when but I’ll add it to my ever-growing list. I think next time I will just make one large cowl instead of three smaller ones. It’s all trial and error.


I love the way it turned out. Especially how the fibers took on different colors. I’ve received ton of compliments on it and people are interested to hear about the dyeing process. Another piece added to the handmade wardrobe!


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Macrame Photo Backdrop

Denise, the owner of Steel Garden, recently celebrated two years in business (CONGRATS!). She asked if I could create a macrame wall hanging to be used as a backdrop for photos. Since I love working with different mediums of fibers, I was more than happy to take on the task.


macrame backdrop steel garden

macrame backdrop florals

macrame backdrop tassels

Since the ends of the ropes weren’t uniformed I decided to add tassels to give it more of a “finished” look. The flowers were added by Fern Studio and definitely enhanced the beauty of the backdrop.

I must say I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Below is a slow motion video created by Joshua Rainwater. You can see more of the backdrop in action. And my sweet dancing moves. Yeah, no.


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A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That.

I wrote two blog post for The Good Life Blog this month. One was on getting items to use at a craft show and the other is how to alter a garment to fit your body type.

goodwill post image

Crafty Feast: This was my first year selling (as Sebastian Harper) at CF and it was a blast. I learned what people liked (and are willing to spend…or not), how to set up your area to make it look welcoming, and overall the vibe of all the creativity in the air is a great feeling. I’m so happy I had Chris of Hippy Do Da Creations sharing a booth with me. It made my first go around less stressful/scary.

crafty feast, kimono and pants

The outfit in the photo above is completely handmade by me. The kimono was made by cutting and sewing different rectangular shapes. The top is loosely based off the Natty Top from Addie K. And I traced another pair of leggings I had to make the gold leggings. The leggings were a hit. Quite possible they got me a sale. I had this fabric forever and originally I had planned to make some wide leg pants, then a skirt. In the end I made the leggings and cut a pattern to make a top. I might go back and get more of the fabric.


Skincare has always been an obsession of mine. A couple of weeks ago I revisited two items which helped catapult me into my obsession: Noxzema and Queen Helene Green Clay Mask. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple. That is until your just as skincare obsessed buddy hits you with a right hook of new products to try!

unnamed (1)

I just got them this week so I’ve only used the sponge and the serum. The sponge can be used solo or with your face wash. It’s great both ways.  The serum can be used alone or mixed with your moisturizer. I prefer to mix it. I’m hoping to get to the rest of the items tonight.

I picked up some soaps from a local company, Carolina Soap Works. They use all-natural ingredients in their soaps. I don’t like soap smells that are too overwhelming so the two I picked are perfect for me. I also got some Fair Trade Black Soap from them. Black Soap is my jam. I use it from hair to toe. I like to break off a tiny piece, add it to a plastic (unused) color applicator bottle, add water, shake it up, and now you have yourself some shampoo. I like to use an applicator bottle because when I wash. my hair I only wash the scalp. Shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for your hair. Also, they’re now selling on Amazon.

These stamped bracelets from Hippy Do Da Creations are a new fave. Each of them describe how I have felt this past year.

Top one says “Wake up. Kick Ass. Sleep. Repeat.”

My oldest son says I look like Wonder Woman with them on. I’ll take it!


Two of my former knitting students made gifts to give this year. One created a scarf for her husband using the moss stitch. And one learned circular needles to make a beanie for her boyfriend. It makes me so happy to see those I’ve taught continue practicing! If you’re interested in learning a new skill, shoot me an email:

IMG_0571 IMG_0640


Nana by Sally is a local purse designer who has been killing it with the leather. Here she is modeling one of the bags she created as well as a Sebastian Harper Scarf!


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